I am the girl behind the camera and the blog.  I'm from Ohio, but L-O-V-E swept me away from my friends and family and dropped me in little town outside Dublin, Ireland.  It's only the latest in a series of digressions my life has taken.  I've lived on three continents and two states, and if you know me personally, I'M SORRY I HAVEN'T WRITTEN!  I'm a lousy correspondent.  I have degrees in fun things like Psychology, Anthropology and Religion, but I have never worked in any of those fields.  I collect magnets from all the places I visit and need a 2nd refrigerator to display them all.  I love taking pictures, and am currently working everyday to teach myself the basics of photography.  I use this blog as a place to display my photos and to try to gauge my progress, among myriad other things.


LoML (Love of My Life) is the mad Irishman who whisked me away to Dublin.  He's incredibly silly and makes up his own language, adding new words and phrases every day.  Many of them are meant to be 'swears'.  My favorites include 'cheesecake fallopian tubes'  (the first thing he uttered one morning when he'd overslept) and 'so have THAT wit yer onions'.  He owns his own business and masquerades during the day as a hardnosed businessman.  He's smart and kind and funny...and I love him madly. 

The Girl  

The Girl is LoML's fifteen-year-old daughter, and my stepdaughter.  Wait...I'm being instructed to tell you that she's ALMOST SIXTEEN!  She is a fairly typical teenager when it comes to cleaning her room (or NOT cleaning it) and talking on the phone CONSTANTLY with her friends.  She's gregarious and smart and really funny, much like her father, and she surprises me all the time with her maturity and intellect.  She's the jigsaw genius in our family and she's always willing to model for me when she sees me with the camera.

The Kid 

The Kid is LoML's fourteen-year-old son, and my stepson.  He lives with his mother, but visits us for the occasional evening dinner or weekend outing.  He is very curious and asks really funny things like 'Why do they say you could cut the tension with a knife?'  He takes nothing for granted which is really refreshing.  He is also very gentle and has a magic touch with animals.  The Kid is obsessed with several tv shows and can tell you ANYTHING about them...and he will.  He's a bit quiet and reserved, but once he warms up you couldn't ask for a sweeter kid.


 Jack is our four-year-old Lab.  He moved to Ireland with me last year.  He was the Worst Puppy Ever.  Seriously...if you wanna swap horror stories, I'll win.  Just sayin'.  Through some miracle, however, he has become a Very Good Dog.  He's sweet in his own little boy way.  He loves the hair dryer, absolutely LIVES for his collection of frisbees, and we think he might be gay.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  

He usually looks something 
like this:
                         Or this:  

1 comment:

MJS said...


Soulful Cousin far and wise
I've missed the myst
of your mind cloud
mingling amidst mine.
Breezy days and cares away
I dream of Schaffer Mountain.

I wish to have a wood
to walk and let wild;
to artify and know.
I acquiesce my detente with finance.
I'm interested in no longer
pushing the cart
and the horse up the hill.
There has to be a better way, hmmmmm.
It appears the yoke's on me.

My child shines and glows
and grins with gusto
as he eases my displeases.
I continue to acquire skills
and useful information.
I try to bear the banner of kindness
in the manor it is befit.

Not a moment ago
I was drawn to a drawer,
in a file – with stickers.
There, in the back was
a glow star remnant.
It was mostly open holes of glow sheet.
Looking closer, there they are –
two, three, five little round
glow-in-the-dark STARS!
One now adorns my laptop,
and the other the large file cabinet.

My soul warms to have you
back on an accessible channel.
Words, worth, wealth of wonder
to you my soul neighbor.
Until next...


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