Sunday 23 May 2010

Weekend Stuff

The weather has been beautifully and unusually hot here in Dublin this weekend, but things haven't been so great at our house.  Nothing terrible, just frustration at nearly every turn.  For example, the hose to our shower in the main bath sprang a leak this past week.  The coils seemed to come loose or something.  Kinda weird.  Anyway, it drastically reduced water pressure so we had to replace it.  We bought a new one at Ireland's version of Home Depot, B&Q, where we told that the one we eventually chose was UNIVERSAL.  We, in our hardware naivete, understood that to mean that it would fit any shower system, any shower head holder bracket thingy.  Funnily enough (or not), we had just bought a new UNIVERSAL shower head bracket a couple of months ago that really didn't fit our existing shower head.  The purpose of that had been to make it easier for me to adjust the height of the shower head.  It didn't work out, but we just left it on the pole and continued using the old one.  So now we have two supposedly UNIVERSAL shower head bracket holder thingies and a new UNIVERSAL shower head and hose, and none of them fit together.  So my obvious question is "If these are all supposed to be UNIVERSAL, WHICH UNIVERSE are we talking about?!"


LoML:  'War crimes prosecutors??'
H!:  Well, by all accounts, she IS a bitch!


The Girl has been grounded this past week for crimes against humanity.  Oh, all right, it was for drinking and lying and having a generally Very Bad Attitude.  But her maturity in accepting her punishment, almost to the point of enforcing it herself, has been remarkable.  In fact, she just headed off to bed a little while ago, about five minutes earlier than her 'while you're grounded' bedtime of 10pm.  After she left the room, all smiles and kisses and 'see you in the morning's, LoML just shook his head in disbelief and asked me, "Did that really just happen?"  It's not so unusual for her these days, though, which is sooooo great!  She's a champ when it comes to taking her lumps, and handles it far better than I ever did, I think.  And this particular grounding was pretty harsh.  No TV, no computer, no iPod, no phone, no going anywhere but school, walk your dog every day, clean your room and pick up your stuff before bed, etc.  She even had an opportunity to go to the beach with her mother today, but she chose to stay home and be grounded.  (WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE GIRL?!)  She'll be ungrounded tomorrow evening, so we'll see how things go when she's FREE at last!


Here's something kinda funny I found at in which a girl reads.  Enjoy!
(Because my template pushes content to the left, you might want to click on the video to watch it at YouTube.  'Cause I don't feel like figuring out the HTML to resize it.  So there.)


'Til next time I feel like it....

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Pili said...

Yeah, universal has a different meaning for house appliances, apparently... I'd be tempted to ask the guys at the shop, what exactly they DO mean with universal. Maybe it's alien tech and does work in Mars or Gallifrey or something...

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