Tuesday 9 March 2010

Foot Notes...ba-da-bump.

Michael Foot died last week.  You probably don't care because, unless you live in the UK or follow EU politics, you probably haven't heard of him.  He was 96 when he died, so while news of  his death may be sad, it certainly isn't the tragic news of a life cut short.  So why do I care enough to even mention him here?  I'll tell ya.

I've heard Foot's name a few times on Sky News since I moved to Ireland, but I never knew much about him.  However, I *first* heard his name years ago in relation to a 'funny headlines' discussion somewhere online.  Some of the things I learned about Michael Foot last week in media coverage of his life helped give context to what is possibly the finest headline ever written.  He was a British Labour MP back in the 50s and became Leader of the Opposition in 1980.  Foot was also known to be a passionate supporter of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and in the early '80s he became the Chair of a group whose mission was to 'ban the bomb'.  Thus came The Times' sheer headline brilliance:


Incidentally, Foot was also a journalist.  I should hope he appreciated the genius of some Times editor who had to brilliance to state the obvious in big bold letters.  

R.I.P., Michael Foot.  You may be gone, but your name will not be forgotten.

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TorAa said...

I think I can remember him, yes, in fact I do.

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