Wednesday 3 February 2010

Fab Photo Giveaway

Okay, so I just discovered a really great Etsy shop called riotjane.  Jane (not her real name--that's Bethany) takes pictures.  Really cool pictures.  Then she prints them.  Then she sells them.  And sometimes she gives them away!  Well, okay, I don't know how often that happens, but I do know it's happening RIGHT NOW!  Wanna get in on it?  Head on over to YellowGoat, a sweet little blog a few doors down.  You'll find all kinds of cuteness, like jewelry (oh yeah!), fun ideas and a whole bunch o' other purty things.  Really...go there.  Now!  You can thank me later.

1 comment:

erin said...

lovely blog you have here!
so wonderful to meet you, and thanks for stopping by mine :) and thanks for these great links, too!

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